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Your one stop place to search for the latest electronics deals and the service information

Keep track of all your electronic items

Never lose sight of what you own and how to handle them. With our apps, you will see all of your items in a glance.

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Know when the warranty expires

Afraid of losing your receipt or faded text after keeping it? Upload your receipt and never lose them again. We will verify your receipt and it will be stored in the cloud. You will receive notification when your items' warranty are expiring


Check out the latest deals

Search for a particular electronics product and our Price Comparator will show you the latest price in the market. We have a team of dedicated product specialists who are diligently updating products information and prices to provide you with the latest deals.

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My Items

Keep track of all your electronic items

Easy Search Mechanism

Search up an electronic product by text, or by taking a photo of the device

Wishlist Price Watch

Monitor the price movement after adding

Price Aggregator

Compare the various prices of a specific product

Warranty Tracker and Registration

Know when the warranty expires

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